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 What is “BENTENYA” ?

“BENTENYA” is a Chindon’ya group which was established in 2008, the one and only formed by all-female Chindon’ya in Japan. Appears not only for advertising performances on the street but also on TV, news papers, magazines, radio programs, theaters and so on.We won the National Chindon’ya Competition in May 2015!  “BENTENYA” has various elements, such as “COOL JAPAN”, “KAWAII which means cute or pretty in Japanese” and “traditional Japanese performing arts”. Because of its unique style, “BENTENYA” attracts attention from not only Japan but also the foreign countries. "BENTENYA" has appeared in the Milan Expo in August 2015.

About "Chindon’ya"

“Chindon’ya, … a type of elaborately costumed street musicians in Japan that advertise for shops and other establishments. The performers advertised the opening of new stores and other venues, or promoted special events such as price discounts. Nowadays, chindon’yas are rare in Japan. The word consists of Japanese sound symbolism chin and don to describe the instruments…”Chindon’ya. In Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved from


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